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Low-cost Facebook advert solved recruitment problem in two weeks!


The Challenge

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This private care provider was running their own Facebook adverts to recruit for more care staff, but they weren’t experienced in setting up social media adverts and this was reflected in the results they got.

Their advert wasn’t set-up with the right objective and they weren’t reaching enough people or getting enough job applications. The few applications they did receive were not good quality.

Due to a huge increase in demand for their services, they needed to quickly employ several new carers and did not want to waste more money on social media adverts that weren’t converting.

The Solution

When I first spoke to Caring Folk, they explained that in their industry many carers are unhappy with their workplace but are reluctant to leave because they think every care employer is the same.


It was clear the team at Caring Folk are passionate about the job they do and had created a fantastic work culture for their staff – and that’s their USP.

When I looked at the advert they had been running themselves, none of what’s special about them as a business was being communicated!

I created a new campaign that focused on their USP: the support they give their staff, the above-average salary, the bonuses, the travel allowance, and the unlimited training they can take.


Above all, the advert I created conveyed a strong message to their audience that they would be valued as employees of Caring Folk.

The new advert was set-up to match their goals and appear in the best places to reach their target audience.

caring folk ad comparisons.jpg
caring folk ad comparisons2.jpg

Conversion taken care of!

Their new advert reached over 20,000 people in their local area (a whopping 1,370% increase compared to their original advert) and had 380 link clicks from people interested in applying for the role.


They were able to employ several new carers within only 2 weeks!

It was so successful that they needed to employ more co-ordinators to manage the carers’ schedules and support the extra staff they had. Of course, they came back to me to help with filling those roles too!

If you’re struggling to recruit, social media adverts can be much more cost-effective than instructing a recruitment agency.


Don’t waste your budget by trying to set-up and manage adverts yourself – I can help you reach the right audience, with the right message, and generate leads and conversions.

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