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Benefits of Outsourcing for SMEs

Updated: May 21, 2021

outsourced marketing team

Running a business means wearing lots of hats and juggling your time, particularly if you’re a new or small business. You spend years honing your skills in the field of your expertise and when you take the plunge to steer your own ship, suddenly you need to be master of all trades. Finance, sales, marketing… they’re all specialist roles, and they’re all essential to the success of your business.

You’ve basically got three choices:

1. Do everything yourself.

2. Employ someone.

3. Outsource.

If you're finding that essential marketing keeps getting moved further down your list of things to do, and employing someone is not in your business plan or your budget, it may be time to hand it over to a professional. There are many benefits to outsourcing your marketing.

Read on to discover why this route can be the perfect solution for you and your business.


Marketing can take up a huge amount of time that a business owner or managing director is better off spending on running the business. If you try to do everything yourself, not only does this usually result in burn-out, it also means you’re probably not equipped with all the knowledge, tools and experience to do it effectively.

Specialist services such as Pay-Per-Click, social media, design, copywriting, and email marketing all require time and attention-to-detail if they’re going to be done well. They also need to be maintained and reviewed – it’s an ongoing process that can’t just be done once and ticked off the list.

An outsourced marketing professional can take care of all these things for you, without taking up your time.


The role of employer comes with lots of responsibilities. Not only will you need to spend time writing a job description, advertising the role, and then interviewing, you’ll also need to nurture a new employee with on-boarding processes and training, as well as providing them with the office space and equipment they’ll need.

On top of that, you’ll incur the additional expense of a fixed monthly salary, employer National Insurance, pension contributions, sick pay, and holiday pay.

When you use outsourced marketing professionals, they’ll hit the ground running! You’ll have experts on hand to craft your marketing strategy for you and execute it skillfully, without any hand-holding or delays.


Independent marketing consultants work across a number of different brands and industries and are experienced in a variety of tried-and-tested channels and techniques. This means you’ll benefit from their knowledge on what works best, which will help you reach your goals much sooner.

They’ll also bring a fresh perspective with lots of creative and strategic ideas that should challenge and stretch your thinking along the way.


Digital marketing is always evolving and it can be hard to keep up if you’re not ‘in the game’.

Having an outsourced marketing team means they come with a package of software and technology to deliver the best results for you.

Whether it’s being up to date with the latest algorithm releases, having access to the right design software, or knowing their way around keyword planners and advertising platforms, you’re not just getting a marketing expert, you’re getting access to a whole toolbox that will save you time and money.

It takes a combination of the right ingredients to whet the appetite of your target market and expert hands to know how and when to add them to the mix.

At Fondant Marketing, we have a kitchen full of tools and creativity to help make your products or services look and taste great. Take a look at our different services and packages and then contact us to dig in.

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