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Top 10 Tips for Planning Your 2023 Marketing

Approaching the end of a year is always a good time to reflect on the months gone by, what you’ve achieved, and where you want to head next.

If this year has left you feeling overwhelmed, here are my top ten tips for getting back on track and regaining control over your marketing plans.

1. Take a look at your website analytics. Which page is underperforming? Check there isn’t an obvious reason (broken link or images, out-of-date content etc) and if you’re still stumped, test out a new call-to-action button. Sometimes simply changing the wording or position of your CTA is all it takes to see improved clicks.

2. Review your reviews! Do you have any on your website? Are they recent? Do you have better ones you could replace them with? Don’t forget to ask your customers for reviews – the best time to do this is when they receive your product or service, as they’re (hopefully) full of excitement and you’re in their thoughts.

3. Write some new articles or blogs for your website so you have fresh content to share. If you need inspiration, try using Answer The Public ( to discover what your potential customers are asking Google and write some content around these.

4. If you’re running Pay-Per-Click ads, review the keywords that are triggering them to appear and move any irrelevant searches to your negative keywords list so you’re not paying for unwanted clicks.

5. If you’re running a special offer or promoting a specific product or service on PPC or social media, create a dedicated landing page on your website with content tailored to focus on your message. Link followers are much more likely to convert if they arrive at a dedicated page with information they’re expecting to find.

6. Run some targeted remarketing ads on Facebook for users who have visited your site previously. It can be a very successful tactic to remind potential customers about you.

7. Set some time aside to plan ahead your social media content and schedule it in advance. Hootsuite ( is a free social scheduling tool.

8. Harness the power of video! Information in video format is much more personable and easy to consume. Why not turn your customers’ FAQs into a mini-series?

9. Check competitor websites on Moz ( to see which search terms they’re ranking for and add any you’re missing from your own into your content.

10. Review your Google My Business listing. Are your contact details and opening hours up-to-date? Do you have any new photos you could add?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and still not sure where to start, contact me for a chat about how I could help.

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