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Just Launched: Rothwell Clue Hunt!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

I'm very proud to have come up with a creative way to raise funds for the millions of people in need of humanitarian aid due to the conflict in Ukraine.

Putting my skills to use, I've created a family-friendly clue trail around my neighbouring town of Rothwell, with all sale proceeds going to the DEC charity.

Like so many people, I was really affected by the news of what is happening in Ukraine right now, and my children were shocked and upset too. It really makes you appreciate what’s important and how lucky we are, but you also feel powerless.

I questioned what I could do to help, and I came up with this idea for a charity clue hunt. I run a creative business, so I really enjoyed putting it together and could use my skills to design the trail booklet, get other local businesses involved, and spread the word among the local community.

An intriguing ‘who dunnit’ storyline has been crafted around the town’s popular tennis courts and families can solve the clues to crack the case as they explore the local area.

Joined in enthusiasm by my two children - ten-year-old Toby and 14-year-old Oliver – it has been a real family project. The boys and I have always enjoyed doing family activities like this and they jumped at the chance to get involved in creating our very own. Oliver was brilliant at coming up with clues – some are letter brainteasers and others are number puzzles – and Toby is very artistic, so he designed all the people in the suspect list!

Other local businesses were approached to show their support for the project and have come onboard to contribute. Rothwell is a great community and there have already been generous people collecting goods for the people fleeing Ukraine and organising fundraiser events, so I knew the Rothwell Clue Hunt would be supported and I’m really thankful to Flower Power, Mrs Bobbins, A. Crampton Auto Services and Salute @ The White Swan for starting off the donations.

Available now, it’s an ideal activity for families to enjoy over the Easter holidays and you may even discover some interesting features around Rothwell that you’ve never even noticed before!

A printed copy of the Rothwell Clue Hunt can be purchased for £5 from Allen's Newsagents on Commercial Street in Rothwell – another local business that has pledged to help - and all proceeds will go to the DEC Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

I hope you will enjoy it - and thank you for helping me to support this important cause!

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